Welcome to my blog. Here you will see photos of my work and get to know some parts of my world.
I graduated from Alchimia Contemporay Jewellery school, Florence, Itlay in summer 2007. I worked in Florence until 2009. Now I live and work in Bangkok, Thailand. I hope you will enjoy your visit!

Friday, May 30, 2008


I make
to understand why I make.
Once made,
there is no reason
to question my making anymore.
"Gloria"/ necklace/ 8x 5x 80/ hemp, crylic colour, dye colour / 2009
E’ stato un tempo, il Mondo
giovane forte
odorante di Sangue fertile

rigoglioso di Lotte
Splendeva pretendeva molto
Famiglie Donne incinte
Facce Gambe Pance Braccia

Dimora della Carne
Riserva di Calore
Sapore familiare Odore

È Cavità di Donne che
créa il Mondo
veglia sul Tempo lo protegge

contiene Membro d’Uomo
che s’alza e spinge
insoddisfatto poi distrugge

il nostro Mondo è adesso
debole e vecchio
puzza il Sangue versato è Infetto

Povertà malanima
concedi Compassione ai figli tuoi

glorifichi la Vita
gloria sia
glorifichi la Vitagloria è
- “Del mondo” di Giovanni Lindo Ferretti -

brooch/ 10x7x4/ silver925 copper silk thread/ 2007

"It's Full Moon Tonight"/ necklace/ silver925 copper thread/2007

"Not Too Cheerful"/ brooch/ 8x5x0.5/ silver925 steel wire/ 2006

"Not Too Tiny"/ brooch/ 25x15x1/ silver925/ 2006

"Not Too Short"/ earrings/ 15x0.1x1/ silver925/2006

brooch/ 20x10x10/ aluminium silver925 thread/ 2007

brooch/ 12x6x2/ 18K yellow gold thread/ 2007

It might be the childish inside,
might be the irony surround,
might be things that could be seen only with eyes shut.
With open mind, let them come.

ring/ surgical cotton thread 18k yellow gold ring sewing needle/ 2006
"Sospiro" (sigh)/earrings/ 14x2.5x2.5/ surgical cotton thread 18K yellow gold/ 2006

bracelet/ surgical cotton gold thread/ 2006

In this series
I consider human body as an installation space.
What is the context of a certain part of the body?
Where on the body could a certain piece goes?
Association between the piece and the body.

"Tenant"/ necklace/ modeling clay nylon hand fabricate fabric/ 2007

"Tenant"/ earring/ modeling clay 18K yellow gold/ 2007


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